Planting the Seed: Is it Time to Move On?

This week I wanted to talk about letting go of certain relationships and kind of how you can figure out if it’s time to maybe move on. This could apply to friends or romantic relationships. There becomes a point in life where you start to outgrow certain people and it’s not because of anything in particular, but maybe certain things of change and just a lot of things are adding up, and it’s not healthy for anyone involved.

Sometimes it truly just takes an explosion for change, and that’s not really fair to anyone involved. Personally, I’m a firm believer in “don’t let somebody tell you they don’t want you twice” whether that is a friendship or a relationship.

 Relationships are so much more than just a quick connection- you are investing your time. Maybe this year, one of your resolutions is to practice more self-love. If you’re not practicing a healthy relationship/healthy friendship then these friendships and relationships might make you question your self-worth, and maybe it is making you even bend who you are in order to accommodate them. That’s probably not a relationship that you want to stay in.

Communication Struggles

This week I wanna talk about some signs it might be time to move on from someone or a group of people. First, you shouldn’t be afraid to openly communicate what you’re needing & what you’re feeling. Maybe you cannot come to a resolution with these people, so if you start to feel scared or uneasy about having this open communication, and this trust with someone, or you maybe you’re scared that if you do speak out you’re going to get hurt. That’s probably not a great sign. Trying to just explain what you’re feeling, and your thoughts should not feel intimidating or like a chore if it’s with people who truly love you. 

No Room For Growth

Additionally, the next step is going to be you don’t really feel any progression in your relationships or your friendships. As you grow, you should become a better person by having these people as a support system, and you should grow- not only as an individual but the relationships and friendships should progress as well. If you constantly feel like you’re giving your all, and it’s not getting reciprocated, that’s a hard feeling. 

Mental Impact

 So the third sign is going to be that by staying with this person or staying with these friends you find more pain than joy. Because, if you have that little bit of hope that something could change, then they are going to continue to disappoint you. You cannot expect anyone in your life to change, that’s just unrealistic. It can be hard but even if you love them, it’s okay to love them from afar and to cheer them on from afar because you can still support them and root for them.

Obligation & Comfort

At the beginning of relationships, you get super excited and giddy. That should continue throughout the relationship or friendship!! You usually want to spend time with these people & you enjoy spending time with them. It should not be a burden. If it is, you might need to evaluate the situation. The next sign is going to be that you feel as if you’re not finding your needs met.

Regardless of what area this is- whether it’s emotional, communication, trust, or just anything- if you’re not feeling like your needs are being met then it is not a good relationship.

You might feel almost a sense of an obligation to be with this person. Maybe they are in a comfort zone. These friends are comfortable, you know everything about them, and they know everything about you. All these little things have an impact, but if it starts to feel more like “well I can’t leave” or “I have to stay” or “what would they do without me”, then that’s not good. You should not find yourself having more stress than joy in relationships.


Another thing is that you find your conflicts become toxic. You can’t discuss things with your friends, and you feel trapped because you know everything you’re doing. You’re giving your best effort, but even if you try and resolve these things, it just tends to become more toxic, and you’re not going to feel heard and you’re not feeling valued. That’s going to take you down in the future.


 So another sign is that you aren’t feeling happy anymore. I feel like that really can’t be explained any further. If you’re not finding yourself happy or you don’t find joy in the situation, then it might be one of the biggest red flags. It might be saying that it’s time to let go and that’s okay. There’s this quote that I really like:


It’s a really cool perspective to have, because although these people are super influential at this point in your life, they might not need to be with you in the end. If they’re only going to bring you down and cause issues and cause you to stumble, that’s not healthy.



The final thing is going to be that there is a refusal of compromise. Whether it’s on your end, or their end, basically nothing’s going to satisfy anyone. In order to have a healthy relationship you can’t make excuses for the other person/people.

There’s a very big difference between a red flag and a weakness. People tend to kind of intertwine the two and think that they can change it. But that’s a really bad mentality because it is going to really play an effect on your sanity and your success in the future. If you find yourself even considering “yes” to these things, maybe think of some of these other aspects and it might be time to let go so


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