Planting the Seed: Communication is Key

When it comes to communication, it can be very difficult to know what to do. We try and find the best way and strategy, but usually, we struggle how to figure out how to put it into effect. Let’s break it down to help you conquer communication and everything that comes with it.

What is Communication?

Communication seems to be a pretty broad term. But, what exactly does it mean? Communication represents how the basic skills of verbal communication- listening, speaking, reading and writing come into play in simple daily activities. It also serves to break the ice in communication between strangers in an organizational setting.

As humans, we need to be near one another and communicate with each other in order to function. There are a number of things that we do on a daily basis where we rely on communication without realizing it. One of our biggest struggles as a society is the inability to effectively communicate. “There are several elements that are involved in creating and maintaining lasting and genuine relationships through communication, two of which are recognizing body language cues and using effective listening skills.

Through correctly making use of these elements, one can see an improvement in the quality of social interactions, as well as increased confidence in engaging with others in a social capacity. These benefits can be essential tools in securing a job or building lasting relationships.”

Why is it Important for society?

With effective communication, a lot of problems can be solved. For successful communication, all parties involved should feel satisfied and accomplished. If we are clear and concise with what we say and how we present ourselves, there is no fear of miscommunication or misinterpretation.

This overall lowers the potential for conflict. In situations where conflict does arise, effective communication is necessary to help resolve any and all situations with respect. How one communicates will make or break the odds of a variety of things including getting a job, maintaining relationships, and having positive self-expression and value.

Why is it Important for the individual?

The majority of stressful situations stem from a lack of communication. Not only can we help ourselves, but we can help those around us too by learning how to practice healthy communication. Our successes at every single level are rooted in our communication. The ability to communicate properly is required for any growth at a personal or professional level. 

Communication causes a number of important benefits in our lives. First and foremost, it helps us to build trust and help nourish our relationships at all levels. Additionally, we can have heightened decision-making skills and conflict-solving. Communication also plays a role in our personality. We can help ourselves express our needs and wants and allow those close to us to understand where we are coming from. You can’t do anything with just thoughts and ideas, you have to put them into action.

How to put it into Action?

All this talk about why it’s necessary, but how can we actually incorporate it into our everyday lives? A few that we talked about on our podcast this week include:


  •  Clarity – Clarify doubts to avoid miscommunication. Be straight with what you want, what your goals are, what you need from yourself and others, etc. 
  • Consistency – Make sure you are regularly in touch with the people you surround yourself with and the people who are important to you. This could be friends, family, professional relationships, significant others, etc.
  • Find the Best Source– Be clear and evaluate the most effective form of communication for what you are trying to do. This includes in-person, text, over a call, social media, and beyond.
  • Criticism – Accept that all criticism is good criticism. Even if it might feel like an “attack” of sorts, it will allow room for growth. Be comfortable when it comes to taking any and all criticism and comments. 
  • Networking – Network, network, network. Connections are crucial for growing and advancing in life. By being willing to communicate with any and everyone who wants to communicate with you, you are creating positive connections that can possibly lead to bigger things down the road.


By starting today, you can put these concepts into effect and help grow your communication skills in all aspects of your life. Again, by being able to navigate healthy and effective communication, you can really strengthen any and all relationships.


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