Dealing With the Past, Present, and Future


It can be so challenging to navigate our always-changing lives. Finding a balance that works for you can be a game changer. In order to live in the moment, we need to conquer our past and find confidence in what the future holds.

The Past

Regrets are an all too common struggle for us as individuals. We tend to focus more on the “what ifs” and not so much on the “oh wells”. Living on all the things that could have been and rearranging scenarios in our heads adds unnecessary stress. Whether it was how we wanted it or not, that moment played out exactly how it was supposed to. 

All these miscellaneous regrets can stem from a variety of things. It could be regretting the decision to start a task at the last minute, all the way to something far more substantial in your life. Additionally, the “past” could be something that was 20 minutes ago, or  20 years ago. It is so easy to hold onto our regrets over our triumphs. 

The Future

The Future is a terrifying topic for most. Between all the unknowns and questions, the fear is valid. Again, there is a wide range of what the “future” entails. It could be a date or interview in a few hours or a life-changing event or decision. Since the pandemic, the idea of the future has become so much more unpredictable for me personally. It really proved that you don’t know what tomorrow holds, and the truth is, you never will. 

The majority of these fears stem from things in our past. For example, if you are getting into a new relationship, it can be a very scary thing, to begin with. Unfortunately, if you maybe have some past trauma in that department, it can be terrifying to think about what might happen down the line. Or, if you played a sport and got injured, it might be a scary thought to go back out and give it another try. The past, present, and future tie together much more than we realize. 

Right Now

Unfortunately for us, time doesn’t stop. You can’t go forward and you can’t go back. All that we have is right now. To truly live in the moment, start by separating yourself and your thoughts. Identify who you are and not how you’re feeling. If you say you’re angry, sad, etc. you most likely are going to act like that and it’s going to prevent you from forming your own emotions on what’s currently happening.

Additionally, have an open heart and an open mind. Although learning through experience is crucial, having an open mind and a willingness to learn is going to be majorly beneficial. By practicing some mindfulness and meditation, you can appreciate what is currently happening instead of what is to come or what has already past. 

Putting Them Together

Individually, all three things are crucial and make up who we are and who we become. It is very difficult to establish how much of each category is appropriate. For example, you can live so much in the present, that you are throwing away your future, by not taking school seriously, or posting recklessly on social media you are putting what’s to come in jeopardy.

However, you don’t want to focus too much on the past and future that you are forgetting to appreciate the stage of life that you are currently in. It is important to acknowledge and validate our past experiences and use them for growth, or reference as to why we may be struggling with our future or emotions in the present. 


By validating and learning from your past… Preparing and having confidence going into the future… and finding peace and happiness living in the moment… you can allow yourself to become a version you are proud of no matter what stage of life you’re in.


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