CTG growth
is THe only life coaching business that focuses on improving life
from within (mental training), not the external

Do you have a child struggling with confidence or any aspect of the mental side of the Life? If so, CTG Growth can change your child’s life through mental training.

CTG Growth is a self improvement and life coaching company located in many different areas across the country, below gives you an exact idea as to where in-person mental training sessions are held. CTG Growth’s mission is to pioneer the mental fitness revolution. You can shape any life you want through the art of neuroplasticity and rewiring your brain for positive results. We give our students actual “tools” to feel different immediately mentally. You truly do need to train your brain the same way you would train your physical body.

We are targeting all youth non-athletes and parents of youth non-athletes yearning to learn more about the mental side of the game and how to be happy/ at peace no matter your external environment around you. This certainly doesn’t need to be just for the youth either parents… you are certainly welcome to learn how train your mind as well. Through mental training, we can elevate any type of person’s performance in whatever aspect of life they specialize in.

Most life coaching business’s focus on rearranging the external environment to increase happiness. (Finances, etc.) CTG Growth focuses on building the internal. Giving you peace from within (what we can control), NOT peace from the external environment or material items.

CTG’s reputation and credibility has a cumulative total of over:

  • 300+ five star google reviews
  • Over 20 thousand+ podcast downloads
  • Over 125 thousand+ social media following
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Our Life Coaching Sessions


We currently have CTG Growth coaches hosting mental training sessions in-person in these locations ALL OVER THE WORLD. All of these have worked for students in the past within a one hour radius.

  1. Janesville, Wisconsin (Coach Jack)
  2. Milton, Wisconsin (Coach Grace)
  3. Birmingham, Alabama (Coach Grace)

Anywhere in the World

All sessions can be done through zoom if our in person sessions aren’t available in your location. You can have the opportunity to rewire your brain no matter where you are from!

Free New Members Session

Don’t want to commit to a purchase without first trying CTG Growth? No problem! ANY NEW member of CTG Growth’s first session is absolutely FREE. All you have to do is sign up for the waitlist below.

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300+ Cumulative 5 Star Google Reviews